3 Man Chess on IOS

The official app version of the “3 Man Chess: In the Round” board game!

Play a variant of chess which has 3 players on a circular board. The unorthodox shape allows for strategies not possible in normal chess: A rook or bishop can loop around the whole board. Two players can work together to checkmate a third, or one player could potentially checkmate both others at the same time. The possibility of temporary alliances and backstabbing among the players gives a dose of political intrigue to the classic chess formula.

App Features:

  • Local multiplayer via Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi. Or just pass one device around between 3 people.
  • Save your games to come back to them later. Transfer a game in progress to other devices in multiplayer.
  • Turn-by-turn replays of your matches: pause, adjust the speed, or stop in the middle and play the game from there to rewind.
  • You can display all the locations a piece can move to for easy learning, or hide them to have a more competitive setting.
  • Very few changes from traditional chess rules; just enough to make the 3rd player and round board work.
  • All official chess and 3 Man Chess rules are included, and are enforced during gameplay.
  • More detailed instructions for using the app and setting up multiplayer are included as well.
  • The all-important ability to zoom in, especially useful for phones.
  • No ads.